Martha was so sweet and loving towards my dog Jersey. She is a senior dog so it can definitely be challenging trying to get good photos, but she succeeded! They turned out great. Cant wait to frame them!
Mitzi Ward(non-registered)
Britchez was so excited that he couldn’t sit still. Somehow Martha was able to capture some amazing photos. She was patient and made it a fun experience for all. The results were beautiful.
TARENA HANSON(non-registered)
Martha is a super photographer. Her PET photos make u smile. ❤️ Kids & pets, not always the easiest to photograph & she makes it look effortless.
Alex Esparza(non-registered)
Martha recently posted about needing to borrow some pets in order to work on her pet portfolio. I was super intrigued and volunteered my two puppies (both under a year old and super rambunctious) . The most exposure they've had to having their pictures taken were simple iPhone pictures taken by myself and I know how they can't sit still for more than a couple seconds at a time. However, Martha was more than understanding and patient with them, even as they continuously jumped off her props. I thought to myself that there was no way that she got more than possibly 2-3 decent shots. I was mistaken once Martha posted my sweet babes on her website. She captured both of their personalities super well and I fell in love instantly seeing what she took. She had different ideas and props to use which only contributed to each picture. I highly recommend for you to request her services!
Marian Pardue(non-registered)
Looking forward Pics of Roxy
June Rose
Martha has taken photographs of my wonderful grandchildren at various ages in their lives. The photography is excellent. Martha always chooses just the right setting for her photo shoots! Martha is a talented photographer and a special person! I highly recommend her!!!
Amy Sipe(non-registered)
This is the 2nd time I've had Martha do portraits for me. This time it was for my pets! Martha is so patient and kind, especially since my dog was being crazy and the cats kept trying to escape. She had creative ways to get their attention, and the resulting photos were amazing. Thank you, Martha!
Marian Pardue(non-registered)
Martha does great photography and I personally knows how hard she works to make great photographs. She has a very cute studio in her home with backdrops and professional lighting. She is different from some others I have worked with. With her certification she understand the art of photography and puts an artistic spin to her photography. Very pleased with the photographs take of my newest and youngest Italian Greyhound. He has a lot of energy and a lot of personality. Martha had great patience. Thanks for letting me participate in the session. He was a handful. Great pictures (See Tucker’s Photos). Very talented and reasonably price compared to others photographers out there. You get what you pay for.
Carla Felgar, Real Estate Agent(non-registered)
Martha Boykin was very professional during the photo session. She helped with pose suggestions, advice on clothing and delivered wonderful images which I have used in promoting my business. Thank you Martha!
Carol T.(non-registered)
Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures of the Thompson kids. I love the creativity for the backgrounds. It's not the general paper backgrounds that I grew up with.
Thanks again
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