Martha Boykin Photography: Blog en-us (C) Martha Boykin Photography (Martha Boykin Photography) Mon, 18 Apr 2022 15:04:00 GMT Mon, 18 Apr 2022 15:04:00 GMT Martha Boykin Photography: Blog 120 120 ROAD TRIP TO BOZ One of my great loves is visiting historical locations and photographing their remains. Recently, my sister and I took a quick road trip to Boz, Texas, to explore its history. Boz did not disappoint.

Have you ever heard of Boz, Texas? It is 50 minutes outside of Fort Worth. During the 1980s and early 1990s, the USA was in a race to have the largest supercollider in the world. Plans were being made during the Regan administration to win this race!  Beginning in 1991, a 54-mile underground supercollider was being built in — you guessed it, Boz, TX. The underground construction began in 1991 and it was to be three times as big as the current CERN in Europe. Unfortunately, after years of missteps, the project was canceled by the Clinton administration in 1993, and funding was pulled. Only 14 miles of the supercollider were built costing nearly 4 billion dollars. After embarrassing failure, no one wanted to speak of it, and it has since been forgotten. It sits hidden deep below the ground under or near what is now the Univar Solutions Company with no trace of it. 
Boz was also where the 1980s movie Places of The Heart featuring Sally Field was filmed. She won an Oscar for her performance. Many of the historical locations in the movie —Bethel Methodist Church, Bethel Cemetery, the picnic tent across the street from the church, the house, and the 5-Point Cotton Gin — still stand. I spoke to the owner of the 5-Point Cotton Gin who was gracious enough to allow us inside to take photos. They will soon be renovating it for a wedding/party 

venue. I am so grateful to understand the importance of salvaging historic buildings when possible.

Here is a little history:

Boz, Texas:


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SHE SPREAD HER WINDS AND FLEW! Years back and shortly after obtaining my certification in photography from UTA Arlington, I had the joy of photographing this high school senior. Her name is Katie. It seems as if only yesterday we were walking through Fort Worth Botanic Gardens taking her senior photos! For years, I watched as she, the oldest of her three siblings, developed knowledge and skill through homeschooling (thanks to their wonderful mom and teacher) and the transformation she and her siblings took into adulthood. I have so many great memories with them — all now adults. One day, I will have to write about the memories of dancing in the cold, crisp night air during the Christmas Festival and playing a violin duet with Maggie at her recital, making funny faces for our "selfies" with the camera Lillie and, together, finding humor in the silliest girl things, making jokes and laughing while folding bulletins with Will and his crew, and talking about books and life dreams with Katie. 

Since then, she has graduated engineering school, has married an engineer — what the brainpower in that household must be! She and her husband moved to the northeast where they landed engineering jobs after their internships. In speaking with her father recently, I was informed she will soon be moving overseas to Asia for a work opportunity. I know her family is proud of her but will miss her greatly.

I think this photo on the left says it all: “Spread your wings and fly, dear one!” And you have, Katie,  and you continue to do so. I am proud of you and all your siblings. You guys made a huge impression on my life, and I hope I did the same for you. 



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BRITCHEZ: A MISCHEVIOUS BLUE MERLE AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD Have you ever met a blue merle that actually turned his fur blue? In the midst of my venture in improving upon my pet photography, I am learning about dog behavior, breeds, temperaments, etc. as well as their mischievous ways. I have had many fur babies throughout my life — Freckles, Callie, Fibonacci, and now Wrigley Tacoma—and had times of laughter, tears, and frustration at what all my dogs would get into. This friendly, playful Australian Shepherd almost had to cancel his photoshoot. Two weeks prior to our session, he was snooping around and found himself amongst firecrackers he had found stored away. No, they weren't lit, but they were blue! Somehow, in investigating them, he turned patches of his white fur blue. Thank goodness for photoshop; let's say the post-production process took a little more time erasing away all the blue amongst his fluffy, white cotton-colored hair. He was a joy to photograph! All pet parents seem to walk away thinking there is no way the photographer captured workable images, but I always have, even when I thought I hadn't. Here are some before and after shots of our wonderful 1-year-old,  "blue" merle Australian Shepherd whose name is Britchez. If you are a dog lover, you understand loving the dog and his/her mischievous ways!

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Super Moon November 14, 2017 It seems within the last year there have been a great deal of "super moons". A group of friends in our Chicks Who Click group had set up a time Monday evening to drive out to, I am sure, a perfect place to see the moon and the starts, but because i have a full time job and couldn't stay out that late, my perfect spot was my driveway.

Here are some shot from that night:

Full Moon November 14, 2016 Full Moon November 14, 2016 Full Moon November 14, 2016

I tried to get a close-up to see the craters on the moon. In trying to do this I used various colors that I felt did the craters justice, but I was wishing I still had my 75mm-300mm lens, but I sold it. I still feel I made the right decision, I can always rent on for these events as I don't find myself using it much as I do my others.  





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The Beauty of Nature

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Why I Love Photography Life is short, and we love hard. Many of us don't take the time or opportunity to get quality photographs that we can hand in our homes. Photography captures moments and the people in our lives that won't always be there. Photographs last a lifetime. I will cherish these photographs forever of my father, twin sister and me. Taking time to capture this moment in time may not mean a lot now, but one day they will. Photographs capture moments that you may not always remember. Those details may be lost in time. But these will always remind me of their smiles, their laughter and my love for them.

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Engagement Session What a fun couple! Sunday, I had the opportunity to take engagement photos for this sweet couple. They had a great time with the session and gave a good effort in bringing props and posing


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Headshots of a Longtime Friend I absolutely love these professional head shots of my friend Karla, not only are they professional, but fun as well! Her fun and energetic personality shines through each of these photos, along with her infectious smile and deep baby blues. These were taken at sunset in an area park which had nothing more than large rocks, trees, and a pond. They turned out beautiful, yet the subject had to a lot with that! 


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The Biggest Moon of The Summer, August 10, 2014 A super moon! I love when super moons come around. It gives me a moment of time when it's just me, my camera and the quietness and serenity of my surroundings. I move out as the sun is setting—loading up my tripod, camera and gear— in search of the perfect spot to camp out. As I am waiting, it always gives me great pleasure as I take in the scenery as the night falls upon us—the rainbow of colors of light falling on the landscape, the quietness as humanity settles down for the evening, the playfulness of the animals enjoying the cool breeze.

I am always challenged to get "just the right" photograph. One that shows the magnitude of God's creation. Sometimes I succeed.


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ANIMAL ATTRACTION There is something about animals that make me smile, especially when they are dress up in costume! I was given the opportunity to photography a pet fashion show for Pet Supermarket in Arlington, TX. I had no idea what to expect. But when these furry creatures showed up in their "fashion", it was hysterical! —there were dogs, pigs, guinea pigs, and rabbits, all fully clad in their best outfits! There was a little too much excitement to focus on walking down the red carpet, so we just did the best we could. 


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I LOVE YOU TOO THE MOON... Although, at some point in my childhood I lived in Memphis, TN; Shreveport, LA, and Tacoma, WA, I spent most of my youth growing up Southaven, Mississippi—one mile from the border of Tennessee. My friends and I didn't spend a great deal of time playing barbies and dress-up, we were outside rolling in the dirt and grass, climbing trees, swimming and just being outside. Maybe that is why I like being outdoors in the sun so much as an adult—because it reminds me of the happiness of my childhood. My friends were not just friends, they were family. There was Jill and Amy (sisters), Tonya, Paula, Kelley, and Anna (who lived in my neighborhood), Amy, Tamra & Jima (who I met at church), and then in high school there was Carol. I met Carol in 11th grade, and my twin sister, Carol and I became glued to each other immediately. We spend almost every waking minute with one another outside of school and work. There was just something special about our friendship, something you rarely find. We are now going on 25 years of friendship—what a feat! I miss her greatly, but know that I can pick up the phone anytime and hear her voice.

Carol and I got married in our 30's in the same month of the same year. I married March 1, 2003, and she married March 30, 2003. It seems as our lives were on the same track from high school through our 20's and then 30's. After high school, my sister and I went off to college to find ourselves. Carol stayed Southaven to pursue a skill in Fashion & Design. But we never lost touch with Carol, she was the constant in our lives.! During our twenties, we both were trying to find our directions in life. After college, my sister married and moved to Seattle, Washington. Whew- that was hard, and it happened around the time I began my first teaching job. But, Carol was there. She was like a sister to me as well.

Eventually, we married our mates, and she soon became pregnant with her son Landon. I remember rocking him for hours, feeding him, and just enjoying the time I had with him. Shortly after, I moved to Texas to be near my twin. It was heartbreaking telling Carol I was leaving. I cried a lot during the 8-hour drive from Southaven, MS, to Fort Worth, TX, realizing that we would probably live separate from one another for a very long time, but it was also hard being away from my twin sister. While I was living in Texas, Carol had a beautiful little girl named Morgan, who I adore.

Yet, through it all, we were and continue to be stuck together like glue. I still imagine one day, when we are old, we will be sitting in rocking chairs on the porch of one of our houses reminiscing about our youth, laughing, joking .... and complaining about our aches and pains!

Here are images of her recent trip to Texas. Carol, Chris, Landon and Morgan, I love you guys to the moon and back!




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Back-To-School 2014 Back-to-School photo sessions are so fun, especially with this little guy!  With his strong personality and many expressions, I am able to capture who he really is. Entertainment is a must for this guy— which leads to us getting great photos— and in return we are entertained as well. And as you can see in the last image, he lets you know when the photoshoot is over and when it is time for ice cream! I wish him a wonderful kindergarten year!

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COUSINS Cousins. It was great seeing these cousins laugh, tease and goof off together. When I was younger I has such fun with my cousins; however, I was not lucky enough to live close to them as these cousins do. But when we did get together,it was a special time and it brought a sense of excitement and happiness... going to water parks together, riding three wheelers and running around the country... just having so much fun!

What a great way to celebrate this bond between cousins!


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High School Seniors In The Arts I have a passion for High School Senior photography, especially those who are in the arts. They bring a different feel to the session as we capture their passions in life, whether ballet, music, instruments, etc. Actually, my photography certification final was focused on Seniors In The Arts. These three were chosen to be displayed in a gallery showing. You can see more images here.

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Back-To-School I had the opportunity to do my first back-to-school photoshoot. It was so much fun thinking outside the box. J was a sweetheart!

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Sunny Seattle I have family in Seattle, more specifically Tacoma, and I try to visit as often as I can. You never know what the weather will be once you arrive. This year, it was hotter in Seattle than it was in Texas from June 28 thru July 1. Yet, it was cooler outside than it was within living quarters as most do not have air conditioning, so while we were in Tacoma, there was a lot of activity in the water and onshore to enjoy.

The beauty of Seattle and Tacoma is what I always appreciate, from sunrise to sunset.

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Photo Show at the Arlington Art Institute I am eager to be in my first photo show this summer. My theme is Figuratively Speaking and I have been hard at work creating art to represent various idioms. See if you can guess which idiom each represents.

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2013 Prices & Packages DSC_2027-192

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